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The Brand



VIVIANCHAN is inspired by and dedicated to
real women, real careers, and real personalities.
Our purpose is to create garments that can allow a woman
to celebrate her beauty as well as embrace her femininity.
Each design is developed with attention to detail
to complement your style and taste,
encouraging you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
From sourcing fabrics with our local vendors
to sending handwritten letters with every order,
we keep you in mind when creating each garment.
At VIVIANCHAN, we hope that the quality of our designs
will bring out the best qualities you have within yourself.
Make it beautiful,
Be beautiful
And shine
So people around us
See something so divine
Through us and our work.
Quality of work
That make people immediately
Wonder more about us and Him.
Be divine.
Let Him Shine through
Us and our work.